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Don't Settle For Less With Workers' Comp

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Have you been hurt on the job? You may consider yourself fortunate to have what your employer has provided for you at no charge: workers’ comp insurance coverage. This insurance will pay your entire medical bill for any accident-related treatment, and it will even allow you to stay home and recuperate while taking a portion of your usual salary. While all this does cost the insurance money, you deserve to be covered for accidents and illnesses that occur because of your job. Read More»

What Are The Different Types Of Drug Crimes?

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It is possible you or someone you know might have been charged with a drug crime. It might also be possible that you worry that your child or someone you know might dabble in drugs and could end up with a criminal record. There is also a separation between state and federal charges too. What are the different types of drug crimes? There are differences between the types of crimes and here is just a sample: Read More»

3 Questions To Ask During Your Search For The Right Lawyer To Handle Your Case

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You’ve been fortunate enough to never need a lawyer’s help up until now. While legal matters can get complicated, a competent attorney’s advice helps you get everything settled. As you begin your search for the right legal services, ask for these questions that let you know more about their ability to handle your case. Have They Handled A Case Like Yours Before? The lawyer that you choose should have experience handling cases that are similar to yours. Read More»

Steps To Take If Your Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

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When you make the decision to move an elderly loved one into a nursing home, it is normal to expect that your loved one will be treated kindly and with dignity, while receiving the appropriate level of care that he or she may need. Unfortunately, not all people are cut out to work in a nursing home facility, and it is possible for an elderly resident to suffer abuse by the hands of his or her caretakers. Read More»

Do's and Don'ts for Saving Money When Hiring a Lawyer

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If you are dealing with a legal situation, then you are probably going to be better off if you have legal representation, whether you are fighting a traffic ticket, facing criminal charges, or going through a divorce. Even if you are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, you shouldn’t skip hiring someone just to save money. In many cases, it is worth it to hire a lawyer, even when funds are tight. Read More»

Shopping Plazas and Winter Weather: Dangers and Head Trauma Injuries

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Shopping malls were great for many reasons, but a lack of interest has forced many shopping areas to convert to plazas and strip malls that feature multiple storefronts that are connected from the outside inside of featuring shopping options on the inside. During the winter months, this exposes shoppers to a lot of the weather elements and cold air. Not only does this make it harder to shop, but it can result in an increase in possible injuries. Read More»