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Answers For Common Personal Injury Lawsuit Questions

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It is an unfortunate fact that accidental injuries have the potential to ruin a person's life. This can be a particularly painful reality when the injuries were the direct fault of someone else's negligence. Luckily, it is possible for victims of these incidents to take the defendant to court over the costs that were incurred. Yet, fighting these cases can be a particularly complex task, and there are a couple of questions accident victims often have about personal injury cases. 

How Are Medical Costs Handled?

After an accident, you will likely have expensive medical bills that must be addressed. Sadly, these expenses can be a source of tremendous pressure for people, but it is important to note that hiring an attorney can help you manage these expenses.

This results from the fact that creditors cannot pursue collection actions against individuals that are currently involved in litigation over the expense. By filing the appropriate paperwork with the court, it is possible to protect you from these actions until the case is settled. If you are victorious, the bills will be paid from the settlement offer, and any leftover money will be credited to your bank account. 

Can You Simultaneously File For Disability Benefits?

When a person suffers a major injury, it is possible for them to be permanently disabled. As a result, they may qualify for disability benefits. Sadly, some people assume that they will not be able to file for these benefits until after the case has been concluded. Luckily, this is far from the truth, and your attorney will be able to start the filing process as soon as your treatments have been completed. 

Unfortunately, some injuries will require extensive recovery periods, and if this is the case for your injuries, it may be possible for your attorney to have this requirement waived. By soliciting the testimony of numerous experts, it may be possible to convince the courts that regardless of the treatments you receive, you will always legally meet the criteria for disability benefits. 

Being injured in an accident can be one of the worst things to ever happen. Without the ability to pursue these matters through the court system, you would face the possibility of being forced into bankruptcy protection due to another's negligence. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer such as Oot & Associates Law Offices is the perfect professional for help you understand and pursue your legal options following an accident. Understanding how these professionals can help you manage medical bills and apply for disability, will help you better appreciate the range of services this type of attorney can provide.