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Are Bounty Hunters The Longest Arm Of The Law?

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When you think about putting up bail for a loved one in jail (from an outlet such as A Bail Now Bail Bonds, Inc.), you might not think about that loved one not showing up for a court date, also referred to as 'jumping or skipping bail'. If someone you love jumps bail, you should know that person could be hunted by a bounty hunter. Learn more about what a bounty hunter is legally able to do for bringing in someone that has jumped or skipped bail.

National, Statewide Jurisdiction

Many states accept the bounty hunter and do so without as many laws as necessary for local law enforcement. Bounty hunters can act on their own as long as they carry the bail paperwork related to the person they are going after. Bail paperwork includes the person (fugitive) signing away their constitutional and extradition rights, giving more room to be forceful and widespread to bounty hunters. Some states do not consider bounty hunting to be lawful, so checking your local area's laws about jumping bail is important.

The Means For Catching Up To Someone On The Run

Bounty hunters use several techniques to find out information about the person they are hunting. From social security numbers to private nicknames, no one's privacy is immune from an experienced bounty hunter. A bounty hunter essentially puts together a profile of someone and follows it to their favorite places to hang out or visit, giving the hunter higher ground for surveillance. Once a fugitive is spotted, a bounty hunter does have the authority to make an arrest.

Bounty Hunters Do Carry Weapons

You may have an image in your mind of what a bounty hunter may look like. If you have a gun slinging, tough guy in mind, you may be surprised to find out many bounty hunters are average looking people. One of the greatest attributes a bounty hunter could have is being able to blend into the crowd. Most bounty hunters are legally able to carry a weapon, another attribute that protects the life of the hunter and innocent people. If someone you love has jumped bail, they can be arrested with the means necessary for doing so by a bounty hunter.

Bounty Hunter Codes Of Conduct Are Not Monitored

Because bounty hunters are not governed by many state laws, they are not limited in how they could forcibly remove a person into custody. Many people have filed complaints against the rough treatment they or a loved one received while in the custody of a bounty hunter.

Maintaining and executing justice is one aspect of bounty hunters that is important. However, if you or someone you know is considering skipping bail and a court date, you might think about the consequences, especially if an experienced bounty hunter comes looking for you.