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Exploding Bidets And Body Parts: How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Handles This Sensitive Case

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There are at least two known cases in years past of bidets blowing up. Since bidets are actually meant to gently cleanse you with warm water and not explode all over you or injure you, this is grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. While you certainly want the case investigated and handled, you will also want your personal injury lawyer to handle the case with some sensitivity. Here is what your lawyer needs from you to take care of the case as quietly and as privately as possible.

Pictures of the exploded Bidet/Toilet

The majority of your damages claimed in the lawsuit will not be your bidet (unless it is solid gold, which is unlikely). However, you will need pictures of the exploded bathroom fixture to prove your case, either against the manufacturer of the bidet/toilet or against the owner of said bidet/toilet. The pictures are not only your claim to repairs or replacement costs of the bidet (if it was yours), but also your visual support of the truth and your claim to physical pain and suffering, medical bills, etc.

Pictures of What Happened to You or Medical Records and Descriptions

While it may be extremely embarrassing to put your bottom half on display to a judge or to the party you are suing, pictures of your injuries are very effective proof. If you want to bypass flashing your anatomy to everyone involved in the case, then your treatment and medical records with complete descriptions are good enough. For added measure, you may want to track down the doctor and/or nurse that treated your injured parts after your bidet went boom.

Agreeing on a Settlement Outside of Court

If at all possible, you may want to avoid going to court over this. Exploding bidets and toilets make for good news on a slow news day, and the whole idea is to keep your situation quiet and private. Since most personal injury lawsuits rarely go to trial, your lawyer should have no problem in securing an adequate settlement. Unless someone leaks the story to the press, you should be able to sneak in and out of the lawsuit with very little humiliation and little mention of your nether regions. The settlement should cover the broken and damaged bidet/toilet, if it belonged to you, and all of your medical bills, pain and suffering, missed work from the inability to sit down or stand up and any psychological care after such a traumatic experience.

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