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What To Do If You Are Charged With A Crime

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If you find yourself in the position of being interrogated by the authorities, or if you are charged with a crime, there are some things you should know. This can be a very stressful, even frightening time, and it pays to keep your head and follow some sage advice.

Ask for an attorney.

If questions begin to turn into an interrogation, ask for an attorney. Probably the smartest thing that anyone under suspicion of a crime can do is to request an attorney and keep their mouth shut. Speak with your attorney before you resume talking with the authorities, and allow them to speak on your behalf when possible.

Ask to see the search warrant.

If police come to your door and ask to come in and look around, ask to see the search warrant. While this may seem suspicious, once you give consent for the officers to come inside, anything they find is fair game. Know that it takes quite a compelling reason for the authorities to obtain a search warrant, and that when they come in and begin to search, they can literally tear your place apart looking for evidence of a crime.

Watch what you say.

If you are in jail, your conversations on the phone, in visiting areas, and with other inmates are likely being recorded. Also, anyone that you talk to about the case or the crime can be a potential witness later on. If you don't want your friends and colleagues to be subpoenaed, then decline discussing the case with anyone besides your legal team.

Let your attorney do their job.

It may be disastrous to be too assertive and involved in your own case; let your legal team do the job that you paid them to do. This includes acting-out or becoming emotional during court proceedings; sit calmly and let your lawyer do the talking without outbursts and interruptions.

Be honest.

Do not make the mistake of committing perjury, either on the stand or when talking to the police. If you don't want to incriminate yourself or anyone else, say nothing at all but never lie.

Getting charged with any crime is no joke. It can be a scary experience, and the best way to get through it is with a qualified criminal defense attorney. Don't scrimp when it comes to legal counsel; find a legal representative that you feel comfortable with and confident in. Contact a lawyer, such as Jeffrey D. Larson, Attorney at Law, for more information.