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Shopping Plazas and Winter Weather: Dangers and Head Trauma Injuries

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Shopping malls were great for many reasons, but a lack of interest has forced many shopping areas to convert to plazas and strip malls that feature multiple storefronts that are connected from the outside inside of featuring shopping options on the inside. During the winter months, this exposes shoppers to a lot of the weather elements and cold air. Not only does this make it harder to shop, but it can result in an increase in possible injuries. If you've slipped and fallen during a shopping plaza visit, it's important to know your rights and the potential injuries that may have occurred. A brain injury lawyer can help represent your case by proving the plaza's negligence that led to your accident.

Poor Sidewalk Care

One of the main reasons that you may get injured in a shopping plaza parking lot or walkway is poor sidewalk care during cold weather. Snow patches can easily turn to ice or black ice and create a dangerous walking hazard. A lawyer can showcase negligence on the part of the business if you slipped and fell in an icy area. Pictures, video, and witness statements will be gathered to showcase how poorly the area was cleared of snow during business hours.

Parking Lot Hazards

During the winter, a number of a parking lot hazards may cause you to fall and get injured. Carts left in the cold, piles of snow, or debris that has been frozen to the ground are just a few of the items that can create problems. In a case like this, a lawyer may seek a settlement from the property owner and not the business owner. Frozen ground and cement can create an even harder impact when you fall on it. This can result in extended brain injuries and trauma to the head.

To help determine the scope of your brain injury, a lawyer may have you visit with multiple doctors and specialists. Through these visits, you will likely undergo brain scans to detail a variety of issues including brain damage, prolonged damage, and other factors that impact your everyday life. This is an ideal way to determine how severe the injuries were and will help you get a settlement that you deserve. Follow-up appointments may be made for several months to help determine the long-term effects of the injuries and changes in your abilities to complete work and home functions.