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What Are The Different Types Of Drug Crimes?

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It is possible you or someone you know might have been charged with a drug crime. It might also be possible that you worry that your child or someone you know might dabble in drugs and could end up with a criminal record. There is also a separation between state and federal charges too. What are the different types of drug crimes? There are differences between the types of crimes and here is just a sample:

Drug Paraphernalia

The drug paraphernalia charge is quite broad and encompasses a wide range. It usually includes any instrument made for preparing a drug, injecting one, inhaling or concealing a drug. This can include items like bongs, pipes, rolling papers and syringes. It is possible that even if you have an item, for example, a bong that you use for legal purposes, like for smoking tobacco or water vapor, you might still be charged with drug paraphernalia depending on where you bought the item or if there is any residue that could be deemed illegal.

Drug Possession

Every state and federal law will differ on what constitutes drug possession and how serious the charge will be. This will depend on the type of drug it is, but it should be known that possessing any controlled substance such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin or meth can result in charges. There are some states that do allow for legal marijuana possession, or you are allowed to have it if you have a medical marijuana card issued by a doctor. Depending on how much you have on you, you could be charged with personal possession or intent to distribute.

Drug Manufacturing

You might be charged with drug manufacturing if you are involved in any way in the production of creating illicit drugs. This means if you are operating or helping to run a grow op for marijuana or helping to make meth you may face charges. You also could be charged with delivery of an illegal substance which is considered illegal under both federal and state laws. To be convicted of this type of crime, the prosecutor must prove intent to sell the product, intent to manufacture and possession of the product.

In some states that allow for medical marijuana, if you can prove you are registered to manufacture medical marijuana, then you have no worries of charges.

Trafficking and Dealing

If you are trying to sell illegal drugs on a larger scale, you can be charged with a felony of drug trafficking and distribution This could carry a long prison sentence depending on the drug and how much you have in your possession. You may also be charged with dealing. This is a lesser charge typically given when you have smaller amounts of an illegal drug on you that you are selling.

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