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Acquire Legal Representation And Provide Support After An Arrest Has Been Made

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If your teenager hung out with a group of their friends and they were all arrested and charged with vandalizing a local business, you are probably appalled by your child's actions and worried that they are going to be handed a harsh punishment during their court sentencing. Your loved one needs legal representation and guidance during this difficult time in both of your lives.

Seek Legal Help For Your Loved One

A criminal defense attorney needs to be contacted soon after your child is released from jail. An attorney will put aside any misconceptions you have concerning the sentencing phase.

It is imperative that you speak to your child before meeting with the lawyer so that you can find out exactly what happened prior to and during the arrest, including who your child was spending time with, the act of vandalism, and how the law officer or officers handled the arrest. These details need to be presented in entirety to the lawyer who you hire.

Your teenager needs to be aware of the importance of being honest with their attorney. There is no use denying what occurred because the truth will be revealed during court. If your child lays the facts on the table, their lawyer will be able to decide the best way to build their defense so that your child receives the minimum punishment that is possible.

Ask About Community Service Or A Rehabilitation Program

Ask the lawyer if community service or the participation in a rehabilitation program is an avenue that could be explored. If your loved one wasn't arrested prior to the vandalism incident and their defense attorney speaks to the prosecutor and mentions that they think that your child is a candidate for a community service or rehabilitation program, the prosecutor may be in agreement.

Community service would involve volunteering to pick up trash, helping out at a soup kitchen, cleaning government buildings, or a similar task. A rehabilitation program could involve attending group sessions that are geared toward first-time offenders.

During classes, your son or daughter would learn life skills that will help them throughout their life and they will be made aware of the repercussions associated with failing to obey laws and continuing a lifestyle that involves being arrested for various crimes. 

Provide Support

By the time your child's court date rolls around, you will have been informed about what you can expect as the outcome during the hearing. Provide support by attending the hearing and answering the judge if they have any questions that are directed toward you.

After the sentence is imposed, do your best to make sure that your teenager lives up to their expectations and continue to encourage your child to live their life honestly and positively. For more information, check out a website like http://dlplawyers.com/.