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Myths About Using A Process Server For Your Law Firm

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As part of a person's legal rights, they will be entitled to an opportunity to defend and represent their side in legal disputes. However, this can be impossible if they are not aware that these proceedings are ongoing. Process servers fill the important role of serving notice to individuals that legal proceedings against them have started, and many cases will be unable to continue until process has been served.  

Myth: Only Large Firms Will Have The Budget To Hire Outside Process Servers

It is common for small law firms to be hesitant about the number of outside services that are contracted. However, hiring outside process servers is not a luxury that is only limited to large law firms with massive budgets. Small and medium law firms can also benefit from these services. Furthermore, the cost of using process servers is often fairly low considering the work and travel that may be involved. These services will be able to provide a clear breakdown of their billing structure so that you can make an informed decision about the service that will be best for the needs of your law firm.

Myth: It Will Always Take A Very Long Time For The Process Server To Complete Your Task

There is an assumption that contracting an outside process server will lead to longer delivery times. However, these services are often extremely quick in being able to meet their clients' needs. In fact, it is often possible to request same-day service. For the best results, you will want to provide the process server with as much information as possible about the location of the person that needs to be served. Otherwise, they will have to spend longer searching, which can increase the cost and lead to delays. Additionally, you may want to alert the process server if you suspect the target is attempting to avoid service so that they can take efforts to be discreet.

Myth: It Is Always Better To Use The Local Sheriff For Process Serving

While there are some local sheriff's offices that are willing to provide process service, this is not always available as many jurisdictions will lack the resources to provide this service. Furthermore, those law enforcement agencies that offer process service will often treat these tasks as extremely low priority. This can lead to the notice of process taking an extremely long time before it is delivered. As a result, this can be a poor choice for those that are needing process served before a deadline or in otherwise timely fashions.

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