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The Invisible Car Accident Injury

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Injuries from car accidents run the gamut from bruises and being "shaken up" to something far more serious. There is a class of injury, however, that appears to hide from all but the victim. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be slow to appear and the manner this disorder asserts itself can be deceptive. Read on to find out more about how a TBI from a car accident deserves special handling.

All in Your Head

Head injuries may not be apparent since a blow to the head from a crash may not necessarily break the skin. To make matters worse, some of the signs of a TBI don't occur right away, leading some victims to refuse treatment. Naturally, delaying treatment can make matters worse but it may also make it more difficult to be paid the personal injury compensation you will need.

Cognitive and Personality Affects of a TBI

Take a look at some of the following after-effects of a TBI:

1. Problems concentrating such as being unable to understand what is read or heard

2. Memory impairments such as short-term memory problems

3. Inability to use the correct or appropriate words when speaking

4. Confusion and anger. For example, the victims might be confused when asked a question then feel anger when unable to answer the question

5. Uncontrolled anger, sometimes violently so, resulting in damage to relationships and loss of jobs

6. Mood disorders like anxiety, irritability, depression, and PTSD

Taking Action in a Timely Manner

This class of car accident injury makes it all the more likely to miss out on compensation. All states have a statute of limitations that control how long victims have to take action for their damages. Since TBI can be more difficult for the victims to recognize, waiting too long could mean a lack of claim. That being said, there are exceptions to the statute of limitations in some instances. If you did not know about the brain damage and you can prove that you did not know about it, you may be able to toll the statute for a time period after the accident.

Taking Legal Action

As soon as you have medical confirmation of a TBI, speak to a car accident attorney even if you think it might be too late. This type of injury is so encompassing that the damages can be considerable. Victims of TBI may never fully recover and compensation for medical expenses, mental health therapy, lost wages, damage to a career, loss of consortium, future medical expense and more can follow a successful settlement or court judgment. Don't delay a moment more, speak to an attorney about your case today