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Challenging A Speeding Ticket In Court? Follow These Tips

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Did you receive a speeding ticket that you feel like you did not deserve? If so, you're likely going to go to court to try to fight it. Here are some tips that will help ensure success with getting your speeding ticket dropped.

Be Courteous

While you may be angry about the ticket that you received, it is important that you be courteous to everyone that is involved with resolving this ticket. This includes the police officer that gave it to you, the judge that will be hearing your case, and anybody else at the courthouse that day. These people hold all of the power when it comes to dropping your ticket or reducing the fine, and you do not want to be viewed in a bad light by any of them.

Consider Pleading Guilty

While you may want to have the speeding ticket dropped completely, know that it may not be possible. Look into what your options are to reduce the fine by pleading guilty to it. If this is your first offense and you do not have any points on your license, you could receive a minimal impact on your driving record by simply pleading guilty to the ticket and saving everyone's time.

Bring Evidence

If you have any evidence that you can bring to court to prove your case, make sure to bring it with you. This includes dash cam footage that includes the speed you were traveling or a traffic light that was yellow as you passed through it. Make sure you have the ability to play the footage in court by carrying a laptop with you. Do not assume that the court will have a device that can play back the footage so that you can win your case. 

Hope That The Officer Doesn't Show

If you have the time to go to court, one possibility is to simply hope that the officer doesn't show up to the court date. If this happens, the judge will likely dismiss the case because the police officer isn't present. They'll rule that the case is dismissed and the ticket will be dropped. If the officer does show up, it is possible to ask for a continuance to delay the case to a different day where the office may not be there. 

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