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How A Work Schedule Can Affect Your Child Custody Arrangement

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When you are working out your child custody agreement, you may find it difficult to determine when you will see your child, especially when you have a work schedule that limits when you will be allowed to spend time with your child. As a result, you might wonder if the courts would be willing to work around your schedule. This is something you should always bring up with a child custody attorney.

Your Custody Usually Won't Be Affected by a Non-Traditional Work Schedule

The courts are concerned with making sure that they preserve the relationship between a child and their parents. Keeping parental bonds intact is considered to be a high priority. The only case where your custody might be affected is if the courts determine that your work schedule is clearly not in the interest of the child.

Children are more likely to thrive when they have a more consistent routine. Also, young children and babies need a consistent nap schedule. The school schedule is also an important part of your child's life and your child is more likely to thrive with a consistent school schedule. Courts usually do not find it acceptable for a child to need to conform to the work requirements of a parent.

How Daycare Affects Child Custody

The courts will typically want parents to be with their children rather than in daycare. If neither parent is available when the child needs care, daycare may be an option. However, a parent might not be allowed to enroll a child into daycare at a time when another parent is available. If you are considering enrolling your child in daycare, you may want to consult with the courts or even an attorney.

Changes in Schedule

With some jobs, there is no way to avoid changes in schedule. However, you will still need to notify your partner and the courts days or weeks in advance so that the necessary accommodations can be made. Also, there are some professions that have busy and slow seasons such as construction. 

Adversarial Relationships

The easiest way to handle your custody arrangement is to try to get along with your partner. If you have an adversarial relationship with your partner and they try to use their work schedule or your work schedule to punish you for perceived past wrongs, the courts might try to punish either party by making adjustments to your custody arrangement. Therefore, whenever making a major decision, you'll always want to consult with a child custody attorney.