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4 Qualities of a Reliable Real Estate Attorney

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Legal tussles are sensitive and should be handled by professionals. The real estate field has several legal cases over property and land. This space keeps on growing despite the economic turmoil.

The growth has attracted many genuine investors and fraudsters. The legal issues in real estate need a certified and experienced real estate attorney to safeguard your interest. A real estate lawyer will help you draft real estate agents and documents like lease agreements, development agreements, or financing agreements.


All lawyers should be certified by a body that governs their qualifications and practice. Certification is an indication that your attorney is a law-abiding citizen. Additionally, you will be able to report the lawyer to the verifying body in case of any illegality.

There is a possibility of unqualified lawyers entering the growing real estate industry. This possibility makes it necessary to confirm their certification using a verifiable document. Any real estate lawyer who fails to validate their authenticity should be dropped.


Analyze the experience your attorney has after confirming the certification status. Avoid lawyers who have been recently admitted to the bar and go for those with several years of experience. The exposure gained while handling many cases is handy during proceedings.

Seek positive online reviews besides talking to former clients that are reachable. However, ensure you only invest in finding verifiable reviews.

Communication skills

Law is centered around quality communication. Ensure the real estate attorney you hire can present facts in a courtroom in a manner that will convince the jury to rule in your favor. The lawyer should be able to use polished and superbly structured language.

A simple test of communication skills is how they talk to you when they meet you for the first time. Kindly be keen on their listening skills too, because it will affect your case. They need to have quality listening capabilities to craft accurate responses.

Understands local practices

A good lawyer should understand the local real estate practices and potential laws specific to the local reality. Any certified and experienced attorney can handle your case. On the other hand, a certified, seasoned, and local lawyer can do a better job.

A real estate attorney should be able to speak your language. The lawyer should avoid legal jargon when briefing you about the progress of your case. They need to communicate in a language that you will understand as you make follow-ups about your case.