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5 Misleading Statements An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You Overcome

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How can you protect yourself from common insurance tricks when dealing with an auto accident? The best way to ensure you're not a victim of misleading statements is to contact an auto accident attorney. They will help you overcome these tricks and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Here are some common misleading statements an auto accident attorney can help you overcome.

1. "You Should Write a Statement"

Although many people who aren't lawyers aren't aware of it, it is illegal for a statement alone to be used against you in court. This rule, known as hearsay, protects you from unfairness and ensures that only relevant evidence can be used against you in a case. 

An attorney will be able to tell you exactly how hearsay applies to your situation and how it should affect any legal proceedings against you.

2. "You Should Agree to the Settlement As It's the Only One You'll Get"

The insurance company is under no obligation to offer you a settlement—they want to pay as little as possible. They're likely trying to get you to agree before they know your injuries' seriousness. Before accepting a settlement, consult a lawyer who can tell you how much your case is worth. If your case has merit, don't accept anything until it's carefully negotiated.

3. "You Must Sign the Medical Release Form To Access Compensation"

The truth is that you do not need to sign a medical release form to receive compensation from your insurance company. This is merely a scare tactic to get you to sign on their dotted line. Never, under any circumstances, should you sign a medical release form without speaking with your auto accident attorney first.

4. "Your Pre-Existing Conditions Aren't Covered"

In many cases, the insurance will raise a dispute if you have preexisting conditions. For example, If you were born with weak ankles, that's not a pre-existing condition. However, if you develop arthritis after being hit by a car, that is. Your lawyer can prove your ankle was weak before the accident, so it's covered under your policy. 

5. "Hiring an Attorney Will Be Too Expensive"

Hiring an attorney will indeed cost you. But a lawyer may very well save you money compared to what your insurance company pays out. As mentioned above, insurers are profit-driven and have a vested interest in paying as little as possible to keep their profits high. An auto accident attorney can help ensure that you're not short-changed. 

Negotiating for accident compensation on your own can be very disadvantageous as you lose your deserved settlement. Having experienced legal help is the best choice you can make. Consult an auto accident attorney to protect you against making fatal mistakes. 

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