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How To Protect Yourself And Your Canine Against The Legal Consequences That May Arise After It Attacks Someone

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Some canine attacks can be catastrophic, and the consequences can be severe for both the victim and the animal owner. For example, if the victim suffers serious bodily harm, they might spend a long time in the hospital as they undergo treatment. On the other hand, you might face legal consequences as a dog owner. This is more so if the victim incurs huge losses or your canine has a history of biting victims. In this case, the victim can sue you and request the judge to punish your dog. This is why it is advisable to take the following measures to protect yourself and your canine.

Examine the Victim's Injuries

It is not unusual for dog bite victims to exaggerate the severity of their injuries. Note that some do this to get more payments than they deserve or punish dog owners. As such, this explains why you need to examine the victim's injuries and also photograph them. Then, assist them in getting medication even if their injuries do not seem severe. In this case, a medical checkup will give you a report of their injuries and severity. More importantly, the medical information and the photos of the victim's injuries can be helpful evidence when the victim sues you. This is because your attorney can use them to prove the complainant never suffered severe injuries and ensure that you only pay a settlement equivalent to their losses.

Exchange Contact Information with the Victim and Witnesses

You should know that the complainant might start the legal process immediately after the attack. Therefore, you need to act fast to try and convince them not to take legal action. You can do this by sending them your dog's vaccination records and other documents proving that your canine is not vicious. So, get the victim's contact information to enable you to contact them when you want to send them the relevant documents. In addition, get contact details of people who may have witnessed the incident. Note that this will enable your attorney to contact them for information when creating your defense. They might also convince the witnesses to testify for you in court to prove your innocence.

Enlist the Services of a Legal Advisor

The best way to protect yourself and your canine is by contacting an attorney immediately after the attack. This will enable them to investigate the accident and gather sufficient evidence by the time the complainant sues you. This way, you can ensure your canine remains in your care and that you don't incur huge financial losses.

If your canine attacks and injures someone, take the steps above to protect yourself and your pet. Most importantly, hire a personal injury attorney to defend you and prevent severe consequences for your beloved canine.

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