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DUI? How A Lawyer Can Help

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Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can bring about serious punishments. However, you can avoid being convicted if problems can be uncovered with your arrest. Criminal defense lawyers know what to look for after a DUI arrest so don't waste time before handing your case over to one. To learn what a DUI lawyer can do for you, read on. 

Don't Remain in Jail

Most of the time, DUI defendants are offered bail. However, when the defendant is charged with an enhanced DUI, it might mean a felony. Felonies may call for no bail in some cases. Common DUI enhancements include:

  • Second or more DUI offense
  • An accident involving injuries
  • When other laws were broken, such as eluding law enforcement, endangering a minor, etc.

If bail is not offered, you will need to get a lawyer while you are still in jail. Have loved ones or a friend make arrangements or contact one from jail. The lawyer will attempt to have the judge offer you bail so that you can work on your case from outside the jail.

Get Help With a Plea Bargain

It can take the expert help of a DUI lawyer to determine the value of a plea bargain. They can tell you what the consequence might be if your case goes to trial versus accepting the plea bargain. When you agree to a plea bargain, you usually are sentenced immediately without going to trial. You may not know for certain what type of punishment you will be facing until after you agree to the plea bargain. However, many plea bargains offer reduced charges and lowered sentences. However, those without a criminal defense lawyer can be taken advantage of by the state.

Taking Your Case to Trial

If a plea bargain is not in the picture, your attorney will get you ready for the trial. Investigative work will be performed by your lawyer to determine your avenues of defense. In many cases, law enforcement failed to do things correctly when you were pulled over, performed field sobriety tests, and were arrested. The results of tests and the breathalyzer results can also be challenged. Your lawyer will examine the dashcam and other sources of video to learn more about the circumstances of the stop and everything that happened afterward.

To find out more about DUI law, speak to a DUI defense attorney in your area today.