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Why It's Good To Hire A Lawyer When Your Vehicle Is Totaled By The Insurance Company

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It isn't a surprise that many insurance companies are out for their own interests. When it comes to a vehicle accident where the vehicle has significant damage, a total loss evaluation by the insurance company may not seem fair to you. In many cases, when a vehicle is deemed to be totaled by an insurance adjuster, the valuation of the vehicle is much less than the owner thinks is fair. A good lawyer who handles vehicle-related insurance issues can help you in this situation.

No Upfront Cost

Some people might think the cost of hiring a lawyer wouldn't be worth it when it comes to fighting a total loss evaluation. The truth is, most lawyers who handle these types of claims will give you a free consultation. They also will take a contingency fee out of whatever amount you are able to recover that is greater than the initial offer. This makes hiring a lawyer risk-free, and it will give you the added benefit of having a legal expert backing you up.

Proper Evaluation

A lawyer who deals with total loss insurance issues will be able to help you get the proper evaluation of your vehicle's replacement value. A lawyer will help you determine what is fair from a market standpoint by hiring their own evaluators to determine the value. Not only that, but a lawyer can also help you determine what you're legally entitled to as well. Using both the additional evaluation and the legal analysis, a lawyer can help you negotiate more money for the loss of your vehicle. Considering most insurance companies come in with a low offer, the odds are you will get a significant amount more than what you were initially offered.

Additional Damage Claims

If you were not at fault and sustain injuries as well, you may be able to get additional damages factored into your claim. Your lawyer can help you determine any pain or suffering that should be compensated based on any injuries. There may also be punitive damages that you can make a claim for, which could be significant. Losing your car can be bad enough, but getting injured as well can make life that much harder. A lawyer can help you get properly evaluated by medical professionals, and they can help you get the financial help you need to live after a big accident.

The thought of hiring a lawyer may seem like a lot of extra work, but most lawyers are able to settle a case quickly. If you have competent legal help, the insurance company will not be able to take advantage of your situation. For more information, contact a total loss attorney near you.