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What To Expect When Appealing A Social Security Disability Benefits Denial

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Social Security disability benefits are designed to provide a source of income for individuals who are physically or mentally incapacitated and unable to hold a job. For many people, Social Security disability benefits are a much needed financial safety net helps keep a roof over their head and food on the table when one does not have a regular paycheck. However, getting approved for Social Security disability benefits is not an easy task, and many people have their initial application denied. Read More»

3 Key Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Facing Disability Discrimination

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Having a disability doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated unfairly at work. If you are between treated differently because of a disability, such as being denied promotions or opportunities that other people are receiving or not receiving accommodations that would help you work with your disability more comfortably, that’s a form of discrimination. In this case, you would want to hire a disability discrimination attorney. They can help you in many ways. Read More»

Time To Prepare For The Future? 4 Ways To Avoid Mistakes With Your Estate Plan

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If you’re in the process of preparing your estate plan, take the necessary steps to avoid problems down the road. The last thing you want is for your estate plans to contain errors that will delay the transfer of property to your loved ones. Here are four steps you need to take when planning your estate. Plan for the Probate Costs When it comes to estate plans, probate costs are often overlooked. Read More»

When A Will Stops Short Of Addressing Your Needs

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There’s no doubt about it – everyone needs a will. Wills are easy and simple ways to make your wishes known after you pass away. What they are not, however, is a one-stop solution to all estate issues. Read on to find out where a will stops short of addressing some estate needs. Addressing Your Final Needs – Wills make a poor choice if you want your final wishes to be met when it comes to burial and funeral instructions. Read More»

Survival Actions And Wrongful Death Claims: What You Should Know

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When a loved one is killed in a horrific accident that could have been prevented, the survivors are often left with financial struggles on top of their grief. There are final medical expenses, bills that have to be paid, possibly the loss of a major breadwinner for the household, and funeral expenses to manage.  What legal options do you have, as a survivor, when your loved one is killed due to someone else’s negligence? Read More»

What To Expect At Your Social Security Appeal Hearing

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As you might have heard, it is not unusual to be turned down for Social Security benefits. No matter how much you may need them, the rules about showing medical proof are often too confusing to understand and comply with when you apply. The need to seek out legal representation is paramount, since doing so can improve your chances of having your claim approved as a result of the appeal hearing. Read More»

The Invisible Car Accident Injury

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Injuries from car accidents run the gamut from bruises and being “shaken up” to something far more serious. There is a class of injury, however, that appears to hide from all but the victim. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be slow to appear and the manner this disorder asserts itself can be deceptive. Read on to find out more about how a TBI from a car accident deserves special handling. Read More»

Myths About Using A Process Server For Your Law Firm

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As part of a person’s legal rights, they will be entitled to an opportunity to defend and represent their side in legal disputes. However, this can be impossible if they are not aware that these proceedings are ongoing. Process servers fill the important role of serving notice to individuals that legal proceedings against them have started, and many cases will be unable to continue until process has been served.   Read More»

What To Expect In A Malpractice Settlement

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Medical malpractices are among the most common of lawsuits. What some do not realize is that many of them never make it to trial, as they settle outside of court. If you have suffered injury due to medical malpractice and your case will likely settle, you need to know what the steps are to the process. The following are steps to settling a medical malpractice law claim: Begin the Negotiation Process Read More»