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Emancipation Proclamation: Celebrities Who Became Emancipated As Teenagers

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Emancipation is a process where a teenager can legally pursue independence from their parents. In order to get emancipated, teenagers generally have to be 16 years old and prove to the court, with the help of a lawyer like Karen Amacker Attorney, that they can take better care of themselves than their parents can. Often a teen will become emancipated if their parent is not choosing proper medical care or making other proper choices for their future. Read More»

Answers For Common Personal Injury Lawsuit Questions

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It is an unfortunate fact that accidental injuries have the potential to ruin a person’s life. This can be a particularly painful reality when the injuries were the direct fault of someone else’s negligence. Luckily, it is possible for victims of these incidents to take the defendant to court over the costs that were incurred. Yet, fighting these cases can be a particularly complex task, and there are a couple of questions accident victims often have about personal injury cases. Read More»

3 Good Reasons To Suspend Your Social Media Pages After An Accident

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When you’ve been injured in an accident and are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, the smartest thing that you can do to help yourself is to suspend your social media accounts. Most people simply don’t realize how much information they give away about themselves through such sites, nor the way that the information can be used and viewed when taken out of context. Here are 3 good reasons you should suspend your social media sites until after you’ve spoken with your attorney (and maybe until after the case is settled). Read More»

3 Worries That Most First-Time Bankruptcy Filers Have

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The B-word, bankruptcy, can bring up all sorts of vile images of forever being unable to obtain credit and climb back out of the pit of financial troubles. In reality, bankruptcy is a fresh start, not the black of hole of despair. If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy, but have qualms about it or wrestling over a some nagging questions in your mind, you need to get answers before making a decision. Read More»

What You Need To Know About Compensatory And Punitive Damages

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Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be pretty complex. It can be hard to know how much to ask for in damages and exactly what you should sue for. If you are filing a lawsuit in civil court, you might be wondering how the judge will decide what you get in damages. This depends on many factors. Some thing that every plaintiff needs to know is the difference between compensatory and punitive damages. Read More»

4 Reasons To Hire An Employment Lawyer

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Dealing with any work-related issues can be challenging for an employee. The company you work for provides you with the necessary income to pay your bills and have a higher quality of life. Difficulties that result at work can reduce or eliminate your income entirely. You may need to hire an employment lawyer to fight any problems you may be dealing with on the job: Reason #1: Discrimination Were you denied a promotion or a raise because of your race or religious beliefs? Read More»